Privacy Policy

Effective: September 15, 2018.

Lexic collects information necessary for the function of the services. Some of this information is shared with third-parties partners, only to the extent necessary to allow their own function pertaining to our services.

First party tracking

This is the info we collect in-house and is used only to ensure functionality of the services.
We collect the following information about logged-out visitors:

  • Referring origin
  • Device information (operating system, browser, user-agent, screen size).
  • Country of visitor.
  • Partially masked IP.

Additionally, we collect the following information about logged-in users:

  • Email address and encrypted password (we never store passwords in clear, obviously, neither do they appear in logs).
  • Profile information (name, username, submitted photo).
  • IP address (complete).


The services uses first-party cookies for several purposes:

  • visit cookie: used to determine the visit of a logged-out user.
  • session cookie: used to maintain an open session for a logged-in user.
  • Time zone: we store the current time zone in a cookie for display purposes.

Application logging

Our servers keep a recent logging history of all the pages served by the platform. However, sensitive personal information (such as passwords) is voluntarily scrubbed from them.

Event logging

For analytics purposes, we keep track of two events: user profile views, and article views. The amount of those views is visible to the owners of those pages, but not the individual users. More clearly, as a user, you can see how many people have read your article, but not which users. Those events are stored in-house, and not shared with any third party.

Additional voluntary interactions (such as likes, comments, follows, etc.) are stored as well, and personally identifiable to the target user. For example, a user will be informed that you followed them, or liked their article.

Reading history

As a logged-in user, we keep track of what articles you have read, for the purposes of not serving you already read content in select features (e.g. the Reading List). However, you can opt out reading history tracking in your settings.

Third party content on Lexic

We allow users to embed third-party content in their articles on Lexic. In the case such content is included in the page, the privacy policy of the concerned content provider is engaged.

Off-site tracking

Lexic does not track user activity outside of its platform.

Third party providers

Intercom: we use Intercom as a means to offer dynamic on-platform support, and communication. Here's the information they collect:

  • Name, email.
  • Browser information.
  • Approximate geolocalisation (city precision).
  • Time and webpage of last interaction with Lexic.
  • Chat history with us.

We also use Intercom to send users periodic communication about our platform. You can opt-out at anytime of these messages.