Deliver your content.

On an ethical and neutral platform.

Build a community.

Never see ads in your content again.

Lexic is a social publishing platform built by and for authors who want to escape the complex and precarious dependency on ad revenue. Lexic's core guideline is that neither authors nor audience should ever pay for anything with personal data.

All your content in one place.

You shouldn't hop between platforms to express yourself in every medium.


Short status updates to quickly share interesting ideas, get feedback from your community and get conversations rolling.


Rich text formatting, unlimited word count, custom URL, SEO customization. A permanent place for long-form stories.


Upload your videos, and your audience will be able to watch them without interruption.

What makes Lexic different?

This time, you're not the product.

No investor meddling.

Lexic does not rely on external investment, so we can keep our priorities aligned with yours.

No ads ever.

Lexic will never rely on advertisement revenue, nor use your content for commercial purpose.

You own your privacy.

Lexic does not collect your or your audience's behavioral data, let alone sell it to third parties.

No sketchy algorithms.

Content is presented chronologically, and all recommendations are made by actual people. Not content is programmatically favored.

Ethical business model.

You pay to host your content, your audience doesn't pay either money or advert watch time to see it.

No hidden costs.

Your subscription is a flat monthly or yearly fee. No surcharges, no pricing tiers. Simple.

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